Quick start guide for anywell's Slack app

Last updated: March 21, 2023

How to install the beta app

We are using a standard Slack app process.
The app is available here: https://anywell-admin-beta.anywell.com/oauth/slack
After you start the installation process, you will need to complete the following:
- You might need to approve the app with your Slack administrator based on your Slack workspace settings.

- As the anywell admin, you will be asked to authenticate yourself with the corporate Google email and define your org name in anywell.

How to use the anywell app for Slack?

Once installed, all your Slack workspace users can use the Slack app to update their plans and view others’ plans.

anywell  in channels

The anywell service works better in channels. Once activated in channels, it keeps all the channel members updated and allows you to collaborate better as a team.
You can use an existing channel (e.g. #dev-israel) or create a new dedicated channel for updating the plans (e.g. #dev-attendance-israel).
- Go to that channel after you decide what channel you want to use.
- Run /invite @anywell-beta - this will enable our Bot to send helpful reminders to the channel members.

- Run /anywell - you will now be presented with the coming week's plans. We assume that the first time you run it, it will be almost empty. Now is the time to update your plans.

- Use, Ask Channel to Update to collaboratively update the next 5 days - this will broadcast a message to all channel members encouraging them to update. The app will update the display interactively with each plan.
- You can also choose to update individually using the Update your plan button.
- You are all set, our Bot will take care of all the rest and will send reminders when needed.

anywell app Home

The app's Home page allows you to drill down into specific dates, get a complete view of the attendance on those dates, and update your own plans.

Default weekly plans

Users with a recurring attendance pattern can update it from the app's Home area. The Settings area is on the bottom side of the Home page.
Users can always modify their plans and either make a one-time change to the recurring plan or alternatively modify the Default Weekly Plan and make it permanent.

Bots and notifications

anywell is sending daily notifications reminding users of their attendance plans while sharing rich context on other people's plans.
The Bot also reminds users to fill in their plans if they are not updated.
The reminders are received around 4pm and can be seen from the anywell app, Messages area.

Need more help?

To see a detailed explanation on anywell run /anywell help from any channel.

We are eager to hear your feedback, /anywell feedback from any channel, and let us know what's working well and how we can improve.

Need more support? Run /anywell support, and we will get back to you.