Manager training

Welcome to anywell

Hello, and welcome to anywell. 
If you’re reading this, it means your business decided to join anywell as a host. Great decision! Once you join, the users of the anywell service—we call them “Members”— will be able to use the anywell Member app to reserve space to work from at your business.

We like our Hosts to provide a consistently premium service to all of our Members, which is why we offer this training. You were selected as one of the staff members to be trained in exactly how anywell works, how best you can help serve our Members, and what makes the experience exceptional.

To give you some background, anywell is a workspace booking service that connects local businesses with nearby Members who are eager to enjoy your space and offerings while supercharging their work. We launched during the pandemic to help employers and their employees adapt to a new era of remote work. 

We partner with all types of inspiring places—everything from cafes and coworking spaces to boutique hotels, gyms, and art galleries—and make them available for work to our Members, whose employers have signed up with anywell.

The anywell difference
Our business relies on anywell Members having a distinct and elevated experience every time they go to one of our locations. What do we mean by “elevated”? We want our service to be differentiated the way airlines distinguish between coach and business class. We don’t want a Member, potential Member, or their employer to ever question the difference between going to the same host with or without anywell—whether that’s a coffee shop, coworking space, hotel lobby, or any other location. The difference should always be crystal clear. 

Since you’re currently training, it means you were selected as a key representative of your business. You should have a good handle on all of the processes that go into hosting anywell Members. Once you complete this training, you’ll want to keep it handy to refer to as you acclimate to anywell.

The booking process
While every anywell Member experience will be subtly different based on their particular needs and interests, every Member booking will follow the same general outline. Please take note of the following sequence—rewind as many times as you like—and commit each step to memory.

The Member starts by scanning nearby locations on the app and selecting where they want to work from. Then they book the specific workspace they’ll work from for a set time.

Next, we send a message to the person at your business who was assigned to receive anywell notifications email or SMS. They will usually be the manager, shift manager, or receptionists, when applicable. This person is your “main contact”.

Your main contact will receive a list of each day’s bookings the previous evening that they need to confirm. New Members will be labeled with a star, so you remember to provide a welcome kit on their arrival. Your main contact will be notified by a reminder before every session and notify you as well.

We encourage you to share the daily lineup with the relevant staff members each day, either by email, text, or printing a paper version for them.

While many bookings will occur exactly as planned, there are a number of ways Members can alter their booking before or during the session. Members can make a change to their booking change date, time, duration, or number of guests. If they do so with enough advanced notice, 3 hours prior to session, the change will be automatically made. But if it’s closer to the session, we will call you to confirm it.

If a Member makes a booking between three hours and thirty minutes before a start of the session, it’s considered a concierge booking. That means your main contact will be personally contacted by an anywell team member to confirm the booking before it’s official.

Similarly, we like to allow our Members to make walk-in bookings the same day as the session. If it’s on short notice, Members will be directed to ask you in person if you can accommodate them, before making a booking in the app.

A cancellation is when the Member opts to remove the booking completely. Depending on how close it is to the start of the session, you will be compensated for part or all of the booking. We will explain all about it in our “Rules & Policies” chapter.

During a Member’s session, we allow them to extend their booking in 30-minute increments. We ask the Member to check availability with you before requesting an extension via the app. If you can accommodate the request, we ask you to confirm it verbally to our Member. We will log the changes to the booking and send both you and the Member a Booking Confirmation email. In case of an extension, the service offering will not change. For example, if the Member originally booked for 2 hours, and then extended it to 3 hours, they will receive the 2-hour package.

The hosting process
The Member arrival is a critical moment for both hosts and Members. This is when Members form their first impressions, so it’s a great opportunity to reinforce the seamless, personalized experience we provide. You can think of it as six distinct steps for every Member’s session.

1. Just before arrival, you should prepare the workspace and place on it a reserved sign, still or sparkling water, a charger, and a snack if applicable.
2. When the Member arrives at the appropriate time, you greet them warmly by name, which will be provided by your main contact. Our experience shows that using their name is a key success factor in a work session.
3. If it’s their first booking with anywell, you should provide a New Member Kit.
4. You then take them to their assigned workspace and give them a quick walkthrough of anything they need to know. You should also see if there are any refreshments or supplies they need to perfect their experience.
5. During the Member’s session, you should refer to the specific details of the booking’s service bundle, make sure they receive everything included, and generally be as attentive as possible to their needs—without disturbing their work. In the event a Member requests an extension, they will ask you directly. Please do your best to accommodate any requests based on available seats.
6. When the session has concluded, make sure they had a pleasant experience and know they can leave at will, as payments and tips are handled by their employer. Encourage Members to rate their experience on the app once their work session is over. Your main contact will receive a summary of all sessions at the conclusion of every month for your records.

We find that the tenets of being a great anywell host quickly become second nature, but it’s always helpful to reinforce them—especially at first. With that in mind, we put together this helpful poster that lists some of the most important elements. Feel free to print it and post in a high-traffic staff area.

Rules & Policies
To get a handle on all the nuances of our booking policy, you’ll want to refer to our complete Rules & Policies document. But for now, we’ll mention a few of the most important elements. As a Host, you have full control over the days and hours you share your space. If you have any requirements related to scheduling and availability, let our customer support know via email at We’ll then make the appropriate changes.

We do everything we can to avoid late arrivals, but when Members are late to their booking, we require you to hold their booking for 15 minutes if you’re a food-driven location and for 45 min if you’re a workspace-only location. After that period, you can make it available to other guests. If the Member does not show up after the allotted time period for your location, we will compensate you for the loss of your income in line with the anywell cancellation policy.

We hope our hosts never need to cancel bookings, but we know that issues occasionally arise. You can cancel by emailing us at There’s no cancellation fee the first two times you cancel more than two hours before the booking. After that, fees will apply.

We also encourage Members not to cancel a booking. But if they do, you may be compensated partially or fully, based on how close to the booking they cancelled.

Next Steps
Now that your training is almost complete, I’ll walk you through everything you can expect in the near future. You should have an exact date by now for when your location will begin to welcome anywell Members. Please ensure all of your key staff has completed this training before then.

We will soon provide you with an inventory kit, which includes power outlets for the workspaces, new Member kits to provide on Member’s first visit, anywell signage and more.

You’ll remember from the Host journey information that every new anywell Member will leave with a Member Kit. We’ll provide you with those in the inventory kit.

Please take this quick quiz to make sure you absorbed the most central points. Don’t worry: you’re welcome to go back and refresh your memory by rereading any chapters of this training. Once we’re able to confirm you’ve successfully passed, you’ll receive an email that certifies your approval.

We’re always trying to improve our service, both for Hosts and Members. If anything is unclear or you would like more information on the anywell experience, please contact our operations team here by phone or email at any time. All of us at anywell are thrilled you’re joining us. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership.

As you begin to welcome anywell Members, we find that it quickly becomes an integral part of our Hosts’ business. We’re also constantly improving the service to better serve everyone involved. We welcome all of your feedback—both positive and otherwise—and hope to start an ongoing dialogue as you start on your anywell journey.