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Meet the weller : Tomer Niv

Yair Lehrer
July 2022
“I like to start with anywell for my quiet work: preparation, admin stuff, emails… doing these tasks from an anywell location makes the mundane more attractive.”

The big picture

Tomer Niv, Account Executive at Explorium, has a unique hybrid work routine that melds structure with variety and matches workspace with state of mind.

Tomer Niv was working at a New York financial planning company for a little over a year when he realized that he didn’t like the formality of the corporate financial scene in the Big Apple. 

“In Israel, the work culture is more flexible and autonomous. My current employer doesn’t count my hours or cares if I close a deal from the office, a cafe, or home. I’m trusted as long as the job gets done.” 

The 27-year-old is the son of Israeli parents born and raised in the States, who spent many vacations with his extended family in Israel. After he finished college, Tomer did a high-tech internship in Israel. Not yet convinced that he wanted to make Israel home, he traveled some, then went to New York City, before finally moving to Israel 3 and a half years ago and settling in in Tel Aviv. 

The day-to-day of an account executive   

Initially, he worked at Check Point - a large, publicly-traded software company headquartered in Israel. While it was a good dip in the tech water for Tomer, something was amiss: he was looking for a smaller, hungrier startup where he could make a more considerable impact. So about a year ago, he joined Explorium - a growing startup that provides an external data platform for improving analytics and machine learning. 

Melding his extroverted energy and penchant for business, Tomer is an Account Executive, managing the company’s relationships with clients that range from small startups to big names, such as PayPal and Pepsi. 

“I’m the only Account Executive in Israel,” he says. “Most of my team sits in Utah and New York, my boss is in Salt Lake City, so in a sense, my job is always remote.” 

Tomer’s job is varied and multi-faceted. “It includes sourcing new business, prospecting, discovery calls, managing POCs, all the way through to the actual closing of deals.” Sealing the deal, however, is not a one-person show. “A typical deal involves 10 to 15 people,” he explains, “so I have to collaborate closely with the team.”  

Whenever he has a free moment, Tomer’s at the beach, playing beach sports. “The weather here enables enjoying the beach 90% of the time,” says the former New Jersian.  

How Tomer makes hybrid work 

Tomer loves structure and consistency, but his work life is far from boring. He mixes and matches where and how he works in perfect tune with what he needs to do. 

Thanks to his employer’s liberal policy, he has complete autonomy to choose where to work from and how to shape his week. 

Tomer’s ultra-hybrid schedule 

One day a week, he works a full day in the office. 

One day a week, he works a full day from an anywell location. 

The other three days are a happy mix: he works in the morning from an anywell location, coming to the office later in the day. 

“I like to start with anywell for my quiet work: preparation, admin stuff, emails… doing these tasks from an anywell location makes the mundane more attractive.” Tomer also studies for his MBA, so he likes to do deep solo dives for school from anywell. 

Later in the afternoon in Israel is early morning in the US, so Tomer heads to the office to take customer calls and meet with his US team. 

Tried-and-true tips 

  1. Some cafes are good for meetings while others are good for solo work. “I like to choose the location according to what I mentally have to get ready for.”
  2. Use anywell to discover new locations. While Tomer used to do his work sessions in his neighborhood, he has found that the service incentivizes members to visit places in other parts of the city he wouldn’t have otherwise known.  
  3. Good noise-canceling headphones can go a long way. Tomer uses AirPods. 
  4. The service is effective for professional networking. Tomer occasionally invites friends from other companies to network and explore professional pursuits. “Anyone’s always down for coffee,” he says. 

Favorite anywell locations

Cafe Assemblage

Why It’s quiet, and it’s conveniently close to Tomer’s home.  

Bonus They have outdoor seating. 

Go-to snack/drink Cold Americano, no matter the season. 

Cafe Mayer

Why It has a fun vibe, and they serve good food. It’s also just a 10-minute walk to Kikar Dizengoff, and I like to take a breather with a short walk to the square. 

Bonus This place is always packed, but they don’t usually take reservations: with anywell I can reserve my spot. 

Go-to snack/drink The breakfast platter.  

Cafe Nona

Why It’s quiet and chill. 

Bonus It’s pretty central but not right in the heart of the hustle and bustle of town. 

Go-to snack/drink Shakshuka - because they make it sweet.  

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