Picture of anywell member Dana Gilden

Meet the Member: Dana Gilden

Yair Lehrer
July 2022
“I’ve gotten to know people at Wix, in different roles, that I never would have met otherwise.”

The big picture

Restaurant product writer Dana Gilden has boosted her productivity and improved her time management with anywell. And the foodie in her loves the options and variety.

Dana is a UX Writer at Wix for the restaurant product. She writes for the mobile app, the dashboard, and for anyone who wants to create a restaurant or food services app or website. 

Before the pandemic, she worked full-time from the Wix office, where she enjoyed the social aspect of office work, like having meals with colleagues and getting to know the other employees. 

When the pandemic hit, Wix went remote. Dana occasionally worked from cafes during that period, but due to the high costs in Tel Aviv, she spent most of her work hours in her apartment. Then in December 2020, she traveled to Australia to visit family, and while she was there the borders closed and she couldn’t return home for three months. Without a place of her own, she began working from cafes in Australia. Most cafes didn’t have good internet and she didn’t have work benefits, so it wasn’t ideal, but she got used to working in cafes and saw that could work well for her. 

Top reasons for loving the anywell experience 

When anywell was launched at Wix and offered to the company’s employees, it was a no-brainer: after her experience in Australia, she knew it could work for her - she jumped at the opportunity. “When you take away certain stresses, it helps you focus. I’m a creative person, and part of that is food. When I was working from home I would have to think about what I wanted to cook, and it was distracting. With anywell, I don’t have to worry about that. And Tel Aviv is really expensive, so financially it’s also very helpful to have meals covered.”

Favorite anywell location

Dana’s main hangouts have changed over time as more locations are offered. She’s found that some are quieter and better for meetings, while others are better for independent work. Although she likes to try new options, she often finds herself gravitating to Monti 41 because of its nice cafe vibe, good drink options, and welcoming staff. “You feel like you’re welcome to stay there for as long as you want,” she says. She also appreciates the quiet outdoor seating and the indoor area that’s good for meetings.

Juno is also a good option for her.The manager is welcoming, everyone knows me by name. I feel like it’s not only a cafe, it’s really a work environment, where I can comfortably spend an entire day. They have nice indoor and outdoor areas, lots of plugs, and the Wi-Fi’s good. It’s also close to my house, I can walk there.” she says. The Panzanella salad is an extra perk, as are the juice offerings which are a great alternative to coffee on hot days. 

Sum it up

“anywell has made me more productive and improved my time management. For me, it’s a reason to get up in the morning. I know that the hours that I’ve booked are my work hours, whereas when I was working from home, I’d get distracted a lot. It’s even more efficient than in the office, because I can often work through lunch and finish early. And I’ve gotten to know people at Wix, in different roles, that I never would have met otherwise.” 

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