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5 low-budget tips for a welcoming workspace

Yair Lehrer
January 2023
"The more versatile your space and service and the more tools you have, the more you will be able to respond to individual requests."

The big picture

How to set up a super inviting place that's conducive to work? Check out the following low-cost and low-effort tips based on science.

At anywell, we partner with inspiring locations that are not only welcoming and inviting but that also supercharge creativity and productivity for the modern worker: settings that allow them to get work done with pleasure. 

Our hosts are already trained in the workings of the anywell hospitality experience: You know that before the Members' arrival, their workspace has to be all set up and ready with a Reserved sign, a bottle of still or sparkling water and a power outlet hooked up. You know that you should greet them by name when they arrive. You know you should wish them a great day when they leave. These are some of the pillars of the anywell service. 

But how can you take things a step further and create a welcoming, inspiring and inviting workspace that helps people get work done - with comfort and joy? 

1. Choose background music and volume with work in mind 

According to research, the natural sounds of a coffee shop are neuro scientifically proven to boost focus and concentration. Other surveys reveal that working from a cafe inspires creativity. 

What's the ideal background music for your laptop-clad clientele? It should preferably be music without lyrics, so the thinker's brain is not busy deciphering words. 

If ambient or instrumental music is not your style, stick to your own playlist, but make sure it's not too loud: see if you need to take it down a notch to help your guests power through their work. 

2) Cater to your guests' temperature preferences 

Air conditioning units will help keep your place warmer in the colder months and cooler in the hot season. But people vary in their preferences, so make sure you keep additional gear to help make your guests more comfortable.

Several air conditioners spread across your space can come in handy for a more versatile temperature setting - keeping some up and others down. You can then adjust the temperature in specific areas to accommodate guests sitting in that space. 

A low-cost tip that guests love: keep clean fleece or wool throw blankets as an extra layer for the colder months or, even more commonly, guard against freezing air conditioning in the summer. 

3. Bring nature in 

Exposure to natural elements and sunlight improves the wellbeing and mental health of people at work. How can you incorporate these findings? If physical conditions allow, let natural light stream in and bask the space with a good dose of sunlight. 

You can also dot your space with greenery and plants to spruce up your decor while boosting your audience's wellbeing. By the way, this will likely positively impact both anywell Members and your own staff. 

4. Be versatile to respond to individual needs

The more versatile your space and service and the more tools you have, the more you will be able to respond to individual requests. 

If conditions allow, divide your space into several areas so you can play quieter music for work-focused guests. Keep extra throws and cushions in a basket accessible to guests. If possible, assign dedicated staff that caters to the specific needs of Members who are using your space for work. 

All of these can go a long way in making your guests happy and energized.

5. Give personal attention 

Different people have different needs: make sure that Members are comfortable by asking how they're doing: Are you warm enough? Is the music too loud? Is there anything else I can help you with to make sure you're comfortable? Ask how they're doing while keeping in mind they've come to your place to get work done. 

Help them supercharge their workday.  

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