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As pioneers of Workspace-as-a-Service, anywell paves the way for innovative companies to take care of the environmental needs of your newly distributed teams. Organized in your city, we provide the technology, hospitality network, business amenities, payment logistics, and productivity insights to supercharge your employee work and well-being while working off-site. Build long-term business resilience and enjoy the exponential benefits of a more culturally connected, autonomous and energized workforce.
Business Amenities include:
Guaranteed Wifi
Guaranteed Seating / Reservations
Public & Private Seating
Power, Printers & Tech Kits
Meal Plans
Walletless solution

Benefits that keep and attract top talent.

Take care of your teams and set a new standard for best-in-class, human-centered employee benefits by becoming the beacon for better work-life balance. Help teams connect with each other in inspiring new ways while giving them the flexibility of choosing how and where they work best.

Start-up level agility

With anywell, companies can seamlessly transition from a traditional office to hybrid workplaces—literally overnight. Flex your facilities spend and calibrate overhead in real-time while adopting a more modern operational approach.

Boost company culture.

Let’s face it: Slack and Zoom are poor substitutes for in-real-life interactions. anywell helps your teams (and new hires) stay connected, social, and in sync. Watch what happens when your people expand your culture into the community.

Optimize employee productivity.

See the impact of a more empowered team. With productivity reports, we help you better understand how environments affect the way your employees find their flow. Take efficiency to a whole new level.

No budget surprises.

anywell lets you fix budgets and allot set amounts to your employees, so you can accurately track utilization and spend. Better yet, no need to manage tedious reimbursement processes from client dinners, team off-sites and employee travel that use our anywell network.

See productivity differently

greater productive output of inspired employees
Source: HBR: Engaging Your Employees Is Good, but Don’t Stop There
of employees want flexibility in where and when they work
Source: BCG Global: What 12,000 Employees Have to Say About the Future of Remote Work
increase in retention for companies that offer flexible work culture
Source: Gartner: Crafting Workspaces That Enhance the Employee Experience

Take care of your teams with Anywhere

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